lemonkini bikini with comfort bikini band tri fit bikini top for big boobs bikini for plus size bikini for large chest cheeky bottom reversible azure blue retro print

Bikinis for Every Body

At Lemonkini, our modular design allows you to customize your bikini top for a perfect fit. Experience ultimate support and comfort with Lemonkini.

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Perfect Fit Made Easy

Trouble finding a bikini top that fits? Girl, we've got you covered. Our modular bikini tops let you custom fit your bikini to your body. Flattering, supportive, and comfortable-try Lemonkini today! Lemonkini is a unique swimwear brand offering a modular two-piece system for a customized fit. Experience the ultimate in comfort and support.

tri fit tops and comfort  bikini band slide together to make a lemonkini bikini top for big boobs bikini for large bust bikini cerise cherry blossom print

Be Supported

With even weight distribution, your ComfortBand and TriFit tops will not let you down.

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When you purchase one ComfortBand and one set of TriFit tops. Discount automatically applied at checkout when all 3 items are added to your cart.

Lemonkini Bikini Reversible black whale print high waist bikini bottom with fold over waistband large bust bikini plus size bikini big boobs bikini big bust bikini

Be Active

Run, jump, build sandcastles, surf, go fishing. No matter what you are up to, your TriFit tops will hold you in.


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What is a Lemonkini bikini top?

One ComfortBand bikini band and one set of TriFit bikini tops combine to make your customized Lemonkini bikini top.

Customize your bikini to your body: small bust, large breasts, little frame, big-boned, athletic, curvy. We've got you covered!

Lemonkini's bikinis provide comfortable support during all of your activities.

What makes Lemonkini different?

Most bikini manufacturers assume a large torso = large boobs and a small torse = small boobs. I'm sorry, sir, but that is not how boobies work.

At Lemonkini, we know women of all sizes have boobs of all sizes. We believe boobies should be supported in their bikinis, surrounded in comfort, and able to look their best. ;)

How do I find my perfect size?

Two quick measurements:

  • Measure your underbust to size your ComfortBand
  • Measure the coverage you want over your breast to size your TriFit tops

How do I wear my Lemonkini?